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15 años. Chile.
sunsky for anon

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"Somethings not translating. You need a cow here and start milking it? We need a cow so he can milk it and feel natural in his habitat."

I am beyond thrilled that Miss Jay is back, but honestly? Can we get a two for one deal, please? ANTM needs Mr Jay back, sure he was harsh on the model hopefuls and was a pro at pulling them into line and getting them to aim for professionalism but never once did he insult their upbringing, background or lifestyle and mock them on set simply for the sake of it. Criticism is only helpful if it’s constructive, not mean. Come on Tyra, enough gimmicks get Jay back on set, please.

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Did you have any fashion disasters that you can remember?
Marina: A lot. But fashion should be a disaster.

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AON Press Conference in Singapore

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Interviewer: “You described your fashion sense in three words as vintage, cheerleader, cartoon.”

Marina: “I’m not very cheerleader-y today. That was two years ago! I’ve graduated to, like, pageant queen.” (x) (x)

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